Saline glass pump

Saline glass pump

This piece has a small internal motor for pumping water inside the tank into the front and rear sprinklers of glass, in fact you enter the circuit by turning on the blade of the snowpuffs with water of this piece and performs the spraying of water.

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What is the duty of car glass detergent pump?

A car glass detergent pump is a small water pump. When this pump is turned on, the detergent is pulled from the tank and sprayed into the windshield by salted glass nozzles. This pump is an electrical equipment that is dissipated over time. Leakage in the lolls, clogging of the nozzles or failure of the pump itself are the main reasons for inappropriate performance and lack of water spray on the glass.

How important is this service?

The car’s glass washing system is designed to clean the windshield of your car and make your vision perfect. When you activate the key to the windshield washing system, the glass detergent pump is activated. A glass detergent pump is an electric water pump that pulls the washing liquid from the glass washing tank and sends it to the washing nozzles. A place that sprays liquid into the windshield through the nozzles.


What do we control?

Salted Glass Button Function Test

Check nozzles to open any type of clogging

Water Pump Engine Power Test

Replacement of detergent pump

Testing and investigating the proper functioning of the saline glass system