Saina Trunk Lock

Saina Trunk Lock

This piece is installed in the trunk lock of Saina’s car, which includes two electrical and mechanical parts, and opens the trunk door manually with both the switch and the electric.

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Trunk lock is one of the most useful and functional parts for the car. The car’s trunk lock, as the name implies, is responsible for locking and preventing the car’s trunk door from opening.

This piece is used to protect the contents inside the trunk and to eject it, as well as to prevent the opening of the trunk door while driving, which can be risky.

The above piece, which is installed in the underside of the trunk door, acts as a kind of protection and plays an important role in increasing the safety of the vehicle.

The above trunk lock is made of resistant iron, hence it has optimal resistance to pressure and severe blows. Car trunk lock allows easy opening and closing of trunk door and helps to better lock the trunk door and prevent it from opening under different conditions and being under high pressure.

In general, this piece is very useful and functional in keeping the fund lid fixed.

The above clip performs the inbox lock through the tab embedded on it.