Pride horn

Pride horn

A horn is a piece that includes vehicle safety requirements and includes a plate, a spacer stand for installation on the vehicle.

This piece is installed to create a warning notification by the driver in the vehicle.

It should be noted that this horn is related to pride car.

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In general, the beeping system in the car consists of three parts:

Beep Key
Battery Pole
The main part of the car horn

When the driver presses the horn, the necessary electricity enters the main system of the car horn through a relay, which is connected to the beep key section, the positive battery pole and the main piece of the horn, and then the beep is heard. Unlike the simple operation of the car horn, sometimes there may be problems in various parts such as wiring and relays that disable the car horn.


Positive points:

1- Warning to other cars

2- Warning pedestrians without cars

Negative Points:

1- Irreparable damage in sensitive situations

2- Until use, the driver does not notice its failure

3- Defection of one of the components causes a lot of beeping dysfunction