Car price forecast for 1401

Babak Sadraei, an automotive expert, said about the car price forecast in 1401:

The price of a car depends on political factors. For this reason, it is not possible to make an accurate and clear prediction of the price of the car.

He explained: the price of the dollar, the amount of supply and demand in the market and psychological conditions affect the price of the car. The main issue in the politics of the Vienna negotiations is the result of 1401. If these negotiations result in a positive outcome, price stability will return to the market. If no agreement is reached, prices will fluctuate as they did in 1400.

The expert added: “Even if a brief agreement is reached in these negotiations and the dollar is in the channel of 25 and 26 thousand tomans, price fluctuations in the car market will decrease.”
“Production costs increase sixfold”

Amir Hassan Kakai said: If the dollar of 4,200 Tomans is eliminated, the costs of car manufacturing will increase about six times, which will add about 20% to the cost price. Although the dollar is not allocated to the automotive industry, but the import of parts and initial mode is based on the dollar is 4,200 tomans.

“Prices will increase next year,” Kakai said. Due to the new tax of car manufacturers, the price of different cars will increase when they enter the market. So the current sellers offer a higher price for the car than in the past.

He said:

But the market is in a recession and there is no trading in the market. Things may get better if the Vienna talks come to fruition. But the fact is that there is no good outlook for car production in the country.

The car expert added about car imports:

There is also no good outlook for imports. Because car imports have no effect on the public car market used by the people of the country. But the set price trend in the market will increase until the Vienna talks are concluded. These negotiations also have no short-term effect on the car market and will have an effect in the medium and long term.
How does equilibrium return to the market?

The head of the Tehran Auto Exhibitors Union said about the car price forecast in 1401:

If the statistics promised by the Minister of Industry are fulfilled and a number of cars are delivered to the customer, the price of the car will be broken. The overall market outlook is on supply and demand.
He continued: “If the car is imported, it will have a positive effect on the market and balance it.”

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