Saipa pre-sale plan on the occasion of the Fajr decade

Saipa Automotive Group announced: the new letter pre-sale letter section and cooperation in the production of the company’s products on the occasion of the Fajr decade will start on Thursday. Lottery terms and conditions will continue to be active in these pre-sale schemes.

This project will start at 8:00 AM on Thursday, 14 bahman,1400 and will continue for two days.

In this plan, Shahin G, Quick S and R, Quick gear, Saina S and Saipa 151 cars will be offered.

The delivery time of the car in this plan will be variable from June to September 1401.

In the production cooperation plan, the participation profit is 10% and the cancellation profit is 7%, and the delivery time of the car is also announced as March 1401. The price of Saipa products in these plans is not final and its final price will be determined at the time of delivery.

Table number one (one-year advance sale) is as follows:

Table number two (pre-sale of participation in production) is as follows:

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