Inauguration of the production line of four Saipa vehicles with the presence of Deputy Minister Samat

Inauguration of the production line of four Saipa vehicles with 150 employees in the presence of Deputy Minister Samat

According to Borna, quoting the Ministry of Silence, the foreign exchange and rial investment of these production lines is equivalent to 300 billion rials. Internalization of these products saves more than $ 4 million annually.

150 people have been directly employed to make these parts.

Referring to the goals of the Ministry of Silence in developing the supply chain of parts and increasing the depth of domestic production, the Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Executive Board of Idro stated at the opening ceremony of this production line:

Mohsen Salehnia added: “Launching new production lines, in addition to deepening the production inside parts and standardizing them and increasing circulation, will provide the conditions for reducing the cost, and if we succeed in this goal by developing the use of these capabilities and increasing our target capacity.” Provides in reducing valuation and supply of parts and increasing domestic production.

Salehnia also mentioned the creation of employment and added value as other results of launching new production lines in the automotive industry.

These production lines have been set up by Salar Gostar Parts Company with private sector investment and reliance on domestic expertise and modern technology.

The CEO of Saipa Group, the representative of the people of Savojbolagh, Nazarabad and Taleghan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the provincial officials accompanied the Deputy Minister of Silence in this ceremony.

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