quick (right rear)

quick (right rear)

  • One of the most used and used parts for the car is that it is installed on the interior body of the car and is associated with the accessories inside the door and plays the main role in opening the car door.
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The above product consists of pressed plastic and is quite resistant to severe blows. Door handles have their own designs and shapes according to the type of car .

The other components of this set are the internal lock, which is connected to the knob by a cable and is responsible for opening and closing the door mechanically.

Tiba and quick lock and handle sets have relatively identical functions and are different in some cases.
In the new lock and handle, the lock is located on the handle of the handle, and the design is New than its old example, this set is equipped with a child safety lock that has been created in order to increase safety and reduce side hazards.
These locks are placed inside the plastic body, which is lighter than the previous one .

The actuator in this set makes it possible to have electrical operation in addition to manual operation.


  • In cars with electric locks، the active and inactive switches of the lock actually operate by sending power to the activator that unlocks the lock. But in most of the more complex systems that have multiple ways to lock and unlock the door the body controller decides when to disable the lock. The body controller is actually a computer in your car. In fact, this system takes care of many things in your car that make your car more friendly to you! For example, that you Starter tap the ceiling lights to enlighten you keep, and with the sound in bringing a to remind you that the front lights will turn on you shared, or the key in the starter Monday’ve. In the case of electric locks، the body controller it controls all possible sources for sending the lock signal یا or unlocking. By controlling the keyboard attached to the car door باز if the incoming code is correct it opens the lock. The body controller controls the frequency of the radio signal and unlocks the lock when the digital code received from your car’s key transmitter is correct, as well as controls all switches inside the vehicle. When the body controller receives each of the mentioned signals from their sources، it gives the activator the power to open or close the lock. Now it’s time to look inside the car door and see how the yen components are interconnected. Inside the door of a car is the activator system or the bottom of the door toggle.
    When the activator moves the toggle upwards it actually connects the external door knob to the opening mechanism. When the toggle is down،the external door knob cuts off contact with the mechanism and can no longer open. To unlock the door the body controller gives the activator the necessary force for a period of time. Now let’s look at the activator. The activator of the electric door lock activator is a very simple and understandable device. The system is perfectly simple. A small electric motor spins a series of barbed gears and acts as a reducer. The gear buyer moves a set of toothed rod and gear -R-Shift R that is connected to the actuator Rod. The toothed Rod converts the rotational motion of the motor into the straight linear motion required to move the lock. The interesting thing about this mechanism is that when the motor can move gears and toggles، if you move the toggle the engine will not rotate. It is completed by a small centrifugal clutch connected to the gear and engaged with the engine. When the motor rotates the gear د the clutch starts to rotate and locks a small metal gear into a larger plastic gear This allows the motor to toggle the door. If you move the door toggle yourself all the gears except the plastic gear that the clutch is engaged with will rotate.