Pride window-lifter (front right)

Pride window-lifter (front right)

The mechanism of the windshield is such that the current reaches the motor by the windshield switch and determines the direction of rotation of the motor according to the direction of applying force to the switch.

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Although we are not the first company in the field of production of this product, but relying on young people, innovation and attention to quality, we are currently the most widely produced manufacturer of electric lift glass in Iran

Pride, Tiba, Shahin, Samand, Peugeot 405 and Pars forklifts are in the company’s product portfolio.

Elevated glass electric motors are produced by fully automatic machines. Electromotor production machines have been purchased from the best machine builders in the world due to the importance and sensitivity of the parts.
Also, all manufactured parts are produced by special super heavy presses, multi-stage molds and special injection machines, using the best internal and external metal and polymer materials.