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Salar Gostar Company is one of the main players in the supply chain of the automotive industry and the main supplier of various types of electric lift windows and a manufacturer of various electromechanical mechanisms for automakers.

We offer customers the best quality products using the latest technology in the world.

In order to provide products at the highest technical and quality level; In designing and developing products and then purchasing raw materials and processes used, modern knowledge and technologies are always used.

20 Years of experience

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our products


Electric lift glass

Types of electric lifts Pride Tiba Shahin Samand Peugeot Pars

Types of relays

Types of 20 to 40 amp relays by the best Japanese company

Wiper motor and mechanism

The first level products of modern technology for the production of various types of wiper motors and mechanisms


Production of a wide range of electric motors used in the automotive industry

other products


other products

A large number of products: Pride central locking actuator; brake hose; stepper motor; Tiba horn; Saina trunk lock and ...

Cable lock

Quick cable locks and other types of domestic vehicles

Technology, Research and Development Group


Innovation in the research and development unit of Salargostar Company,
In the research and development unit of Salargostar Company, innovation and use of the latest technological achievements in the world are crystallized in two categories of testing mechanisms and design and development of new products.

Market Sales Group


In order to benefit consumers from quality products, the company has recently offered its products with unique packaging and a 24-month warranty.

Products are sold in part and in bulk through the company’s sales branches.

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